Migrant Music

Music is a migrant art, a fusion of artistic elements that distills different genres producing innovative flows. Music by its nature needs to go beyond its borders, it never stops, it never lets itself be caught, it is enriched by something different, it transmigrates, emigrates, creates twinning, sees new countries and is happy to meet new cultures.

A musical idea can travel impressive distances and Andalusian, Turkish, Greek and Italian musicians can find common rhythms and phrasing.

The musical program of Soqquadro Italiano starts from this concept to explore different musical repertoires: from Sephardic music to Argentine music, from Cape Verdean morna to traditional Italian music and from all over the Mediterranean basin with its ancient and popular Baroque repertoire rich in sound interweaves and rhythms borrowed from different cultures.

The formidable voice of Vincenzo Capezzuto, managing to move with great dynamism and naturalness between extremely different genres, accompanies the listener in a world of sounds with a strong emotional impact, free from patterns and labels.

The message that Soqquadro Italiano wants to launch is known, since it is through art, the grace of singing and this “hybrid” music, different people know, recognize and dialogue with each other.