From Monteverdi to Mina

Is a deeply visionary project; we could define it as a “concerto alla bastarda”, in a continuous passage, a dialogue between the “world” of Mina and that of Monteverdi. The musical repertoire is constantly in motion, crossed over by different musical materials, influences, in continuous fluctuation between the music of the two authors and their contemporaries. The work features a very special point of view that points out the traits of continuity that inevitably link our musical and historical contemporaneity to the distant and almost legendary world we call Barocco.
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G. G. Kapsberger (1580 – 1651): Già risi del mio mal SOQQUADRO ITALIANO, Ravenna Festival 2013 – Live recording

Vincenzo Capezzuto, voice

Luciano Orologi, bass clarinet

Simone Vallerotonda, baroque guitar

Giulia Nuti, lute-harpsichord

Daniele Rosi, double bass

Gabriele Miracle, percussion

Claudio Borgianni, direction

Sound engineer: Corrado Cristina

Video: Fabio Fiandrini